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Dec 22, 2012 2:00pm EST
. over the past year, we reached a major agreements with japan to realign our forces and to really develop guam as a strategic kabul. -- hub. we have worked to strengthen cooperation with the republic of korea and we began a new marine rotational deployment to australia as well as increased air force cooperation. likewise we are deepening our engagement and developing rotational deployment with allies and partners such as singapore and the philippines and expanding our dialogue in exchanges with china. we are also an handed our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes -- expanding our presence and capabilities in the region. that includes allocating our naval fleet to have a 60/40 split between the pacific and atlantic oceans, increasing army and marine presence in the region. locating our most advanced aircraft in the pacific, including new deployments of f- 22's and the mv22's to japan. and lay the groundwork for the first overseas deployment of the f-35 joint strike fighter. the third element of our strategy is that as we do force projection in the asia-pacific and
Dec 8, 2012 10:00am EST
in working with china as china came out of the cultural revolution. we have worked, basically from japan to australia, in deepening relationships for decades. i think the case has been that over the course of the last decade or so we have been very engaged in critical endeavors in the middle east and south asia. and i think there is a recognition now that as we responsibly wind down some of those commitments, that in many respects the lion's share of the history of the 21st century is going to be written in asia across the board -- strategically, politically, militarily. and the united states wants to be part of that. we are going to be part of that drama that plays out. now, we have stated very clearly that a critical component of that is a close working relationship with china. so when we engage, for instance, burma, we have our own history, our own motivations that are unrelated to other countries. so what we are seeking in our engagement is to underscore the positive-sum realities of what we want to accomplish working together. at every meeting we have with china's interlocutors, we
Dec 1, 2012 2:00pm EST
in china or japan? first of all, economic issues. you must understand, today we're living with the economic wealth. as mentioned, without a strong middle class, you cannot provide any peaceful policy. >> but there are dozens of nations that took part in the votes at the un that are independent states that do not have middle-class is. why can the palestinians not aspire to be a poor independent people? >> they're the most poor and uneducated part of the arab nation. they live side-by-side with the israelis for many years. dacey exactly -- they see exactly what has been done in israel and they want the same period -- the same. it was the same with east germany and west germany, the collapse of warsaw and the soviet empire. it was economic issues. i think the same today with the palestinians. it is impossible to be a non- democratic country if you have real gdp per capita of $10,000. you cannot explain what is democracy to a country like yemen with gdp per capita less than $1,000. half the population is completely illiterate and you have two hundred tribes. explain to them who is full terror a
Dec 15, 2012 7:00pm EST
, the rebuilding of europe and japan after a war where the united states, against the will of the american people -- they were not in support of the marshall plan, but, today, no one could argue that it was not essential to the ultimate transformation of the former soviet union into the freedom of people in eastern europe and to a remarkable sense of possibilities for people who had lived under the yoke of totalitarianism 40 along. those things, out of this committee. those are the possibilities -- those things come out of this committee. those are possible. i worked for teddy kennedy. many of us were greatly changed by the assassination of president kennedy and then robert kennedy, and i will never forget the words, "i dream things that never were and asked -- ask why not," and the evening is special not only because it brings us together to celebrate the foreign relations committee and its past accomplishments, but a reminder of the debt that we owe to those who preceded us on this committee and set an example of what it could achieve and what we can be, so i think we can learn by the way they
Dec 9, 2012 10:30am EST
a hurricane, but there was one in japan that has hit the west coast and i understand the debris issue was well. none of us know what's going to impact us. i really appreciate your work on this issue. secretary donovan and mr. fugate, thank you for your words. i'm very impressed listening to the senators who have seen in tremendous thing happening to their citizens and we need to stand up and help them house will. we need to learn it from this and get it right. listening to your response on community block grant development, and now we have worked to make that more flexible. i think there have been some proposals of their about making it so, but i would like to go back and ask what issues you have seen in particular that says to you that is what we need to change? >> a number of the thing is have to do with simply the fact? it was envisioned as a block grant for regular course of business, housing, infrastructure, and other community needs. the types of things that we have run into, depending on the nature of the disaster, the incumbent targeting requirements have been an issue at times. there
Dec 31, 2012 2:00am EST
is that a person gets anywhere between 13 to 17 years worth of education in japan, but the chance of them being able to retain a job. anytime you're ready to recommend there is no hurrying people unrealistically wasted the majority of life. is it fair? however, we have some people have schemes in place at the youth achievement award and inspiring the future already in place. a help young people develop leadership, teamwork and dedication skills, which are all highly for employers. it's her birthday to you at the annual campaign to self initiate initiatory dissolution? is it fair to be the focus on young people that affects all ages? is not the right time to be the campaign antiwar potential effect of campaign in the near future. that is for you to decide. [applause] >> jade, thank you indeed in thank you 12 contributors to that excellent debate. the time has come for us to move on to the theater for debate in the last double take days before break for lunch. the youth parliament will consider the third motion of the day relating to marriage for all as printed on the order paper. to the promotio
Dec 16, 2012 2:00pm EST
to my mind why that needs to expire. one example is this program they have in japan which i became aware of a few years ago where as i understand it and maybe some of you know better than i do how it works, but my understanding is a lot of the different appliances and heating equipment in the market, every three years or so, they determine who is providing the most efficient equipment and they set that as the standard and say okay, a few years down the road, that is what we're going to be requiring of everyone so everyone has to step up to that new achievable standard which this top runner has demonstrated is achievable. it's another way of doing what he was talking about, suggesting they be able to update the -- upgrade the qualifications. it seems to me some of these incentives, that doesn't make sense to terminate after a short time. there are others that might be appropriate to phase out. did you have comments on that? >> i think you are exactly right. you almost have to ask yourself with the goal is? if the goal is to retrofit a certain number of buildings and that takes x number of
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7